Friday, July 21, 2017

The Red Hood and Deadpool

The Red Hood and Deadpool Point Some Fingers Nonviolently:

One cannot help but notice the similar appeal of these two red masked individuals. 
And their visual appeal is intensified when they are holding and pointing their guns. 

I was trying to find a less weaponized arrangement for the two that also explained why they are so close to one another....other than to fit on the napkin...

I thought perhaps the finger trap allowed for some gratifying finger pointing posing without the actual guns.


Unfortunately, it meant I had to draw both of their overly detailed gloves.

Uncle Feather from Judy Blume's "Superfudge"

The Mynah Bird from "Superfudge" shows how cosmopolitan he is.

Our younger son is supposed to read 2-6 chapter books out loud to an adult over the summer. 

We've been working our way through Judy Blume's "Superfudge" the sequel to "Tales of  a Fourth Grade Nothing"  reading on the subway train every morning on the way to camp.

Both books have quite a bit about pets, which as I may have mentioned, is a contentious topic around here.

In "Superfudge," the annoying younger brother, who previously distinguished himself by eating his older brother's pet turtle, gets a pet of his own, a talking Mynah bird. Uncle Feather has a sarcastic flair for word repetition and says hello in French. 

Sadly, Mynah birds are very hard to come by these days. I don't think they reproduce well in captivity. 

I'm not sure that a talking bird would fill the puppy shaped hole at our house anyway. 

Even if it spoke French.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dragon Claws

No One Notices Your Dragon Claws on the New York City Subway:

(Adolescence can be rough, with ones body changing all the time.)

This image was based on some origami "dragon claws" (google it- they are a thing) that my older son wore all the way home from camp on the subway. 

But only on one hand. He needed the other hand to use his phone.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sub Zero Serves Some Soft Serve

Injustice 2's Sub Zero Holds Cold Cones for the Belated Observance of National Ice Cream Day.

Sub Zero seems to be able to create frozen "clones" of himself and then use them as projectile weapons. Sadly, he does not extrude or throw frozen desserts. 

Our sons are always big fans of soft serve ice cream, particularly when it comes out of a Mr. Softee Truck. 

I did buy them each a soft serve cone from a truck on the actual day of National Ice Cream Day (July 16th) even though this napkin did not appear at a camp lunch until today (July 18th, National Caviar Day, unfortunately)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Demon of Song

The Demon of Song from Dark Souls 2 Reads the Label, Wondering Whether an Honest Kids Lemonade Packet Contains Too Much Sugar.

There are an endless number of creepy, gross bosses in the Dark Souls franchise.
This one is a giant nasty frog with a skull and spindly arms protruding from the mouth...or maybe it is some sort of skeleton wearing a frog? 

But even monsters need to consider excess carbohydrates and tooth decay. Right?

And this one has a lot of teeth to worry about.
(This Honest Kids Lemonade packet is in my kids' lunch boxes because, presumably, it has less sugar than some other things...)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Silk Impresses the Avengers With Her Spidey Skills

There is always a bedtime crisis at our house: Usually there is some crucial piece of unknown pop culture information that can only be acquired online. This happens in the time period after all electronic devices have been forcibly removed from circulation in preparation for bed.

The information crisis from a few nights ago was, "What is the name of the female hero in the Spiderverse who wears a grey outfit and a red scarf?"  My younger son swore that remaining ignorant of the answer was going to make it impossible for him to go to sleep that night.

I know very little now beyond the fact that her name is Silk and that supposedly she was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker and has more or less the same powers.

Except her web shooting ability is "organic." She shoots web out of her fingers, I guess. And wears a bandana. Because no one can recognize you if half of your face is covered. Just ask Batman.

There also seems to be some romantic issues going on between her and Mr. Parker in the comics. I observe this only based on my 90 seconds of searching on Google.

Given the limited female superhero representation in the Marvel cinematic universe, it seemed only fair to sub her in as a shield snatching spider-person in "Civil War" ....or "Homecoming" for that matter.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dark Souls Covetous Demon Covets Pizza

Because who doesn't?....

I've more or less given up on the concept of packing my kids super nutritious lunches. They are masters of intermittent fasting when sent to camp with a sack full of healthy vegetables and virtuous protein.

So far their pizza diet is not making them resemble this demon. 

So at least there's that. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Red Hood and Red Riding Hood's Wolf

This particular image of the Red Hood was a specific request from my son and is closely based on a drawing he found on Instagram. 

Normally, I would credit the artist, and post a link to the source, but my ten year old son can't remember where he got his screen shot from, and I haven't had any success finding it myself.  Perhaps we can turn it up eventually after camp is over and I am not trying to come up with two napkins every 24 hours....

I added the wolf, because wolves are always cool, and you know....the Red Hood thing. 

Garmr with Icee Pop

Dark Souls Undead Dog with Pink Ice:

A Dark Souls wiki explains: "Garmr is the truck-sized great guard dog of Niflheim, and together with Níðhöggr, one of Hel's loyal pets. Garmr also manages the souls of the dead like a sheepdog." 

So now you know.

At my kids' summer camp, each camper gets one icee pop at the end of every day.  These are the plastic tubes with frozen, fluorescent, artificially flavored, high fructose corn syrup laden liquids sometimes known as the brand "Fla-Vor-Ice.

I am told these ices are an absolutely essential component of the camp experience.

I thought that Garmr should not be denied this pleasure, despite being an undead hell hound. But it does seem like his teeth might get in the way.

Tigger in Fallout Power Armor

Continuing in the "Aunt & Uncle's pet cosplay" theme: here we have their cat Tigger sporting a suit of Fallout 4 power armor. That's some sort of bomb launcher on his right shoulder.

Unlike the samurai armor, I don't believe that Fallout mech suits for house cats are available for sale online.

But they should be, definitely

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Samurai Millie

Samurai Millie

Various social media outlets recently alerted me to the fact that I can now purchase samurai armor suitable for pets....if we had any pets that were willing to wear such outfits.

An avid knitter during my childhood, I made more that one cat sweater for my disgruntled, curmudgeonly cat, Muffin. If I could manage to actually get the sweater on, she would promote collapse on the floor as if mortally wounded and refuse to move until the wretched abomination was removed. I can only imagine the enthusiasm with which she would have greeted a suit of cat sized samurai armor.

Perhaps my sons' uncle and aunt's good natured dog Millie would be more amenable.

But luckily for her, I only imagined her wearing the armor.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Deadpool in Fallout Land

I keep hoping that the pressure to have two napkins ready to go every camp day will lead to some sort of increase in drawing skill if I don't have time to fuss over the individual napkins.

Not so much so far. 

We do have results like this one. It might be a image of what the Deadpool mod looks like in Fallout 4. I did not have time to confirm the details. 

I liked the idea of the giant hammer. And the decomposing Starlight motel sign is always fun. 

My son said it was......ok.

Bear with Incorrect Horn

(Follow-up to Bear with Incorrect Wings on July 2nd)

My younger son was still working on his winged bear gargoyle sculpture at summer camp last week.

Apparently he told some of his fellow campers that he was going to put a unicorn horn on it, and one of them informed him that unicorns and unicorn parts were too girly. Just like the color pink. My son was happy to tell me how ridiculous he thought all this was...about the unicorns. 
But he does have some concerns about the color pink. 
Not too reveal too much, but in toddlerhood, both of my male children had a serious affection for pink objects...and particularly pink shoes. There might have been some plastic, heeled, open-toe dress up shoes in circulation at our house. And there might have been some pink Mary Jane style shoes that may even have been worn to preschool until the class bully nastily expressed his opinion about the the girliness of the shoes and their wearer. Maybe this happened. I cannot confirm the details.

Maintaining the appropriate level of manliness in preschool and lower school can be a strain on a boy. 

Sometimes they need access to unicorn horns and pink stuff too.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Deadpool Celebrates the 4th of July

Deadpool Celebrates the Fourth of July:

Bomb Pops are definitely more my fixation than that of my sons.  I remember many red, white and blue popsicles from my own childhood. I might have liked them almost as much as fudgsicles. My kids, however, certainly wouldn't say no to one.

They are happy about pretty much anything that comes out of an ice cream truck.  Apparently the truck makes whatever it is taste it so much better. They are totally unmoved by the prospect of fancy gelatos or homemade organic freezer pops or ice creams in interesting flavors. 

Perhaps Deadpool might feel the same.

(Yes, he's sucking it right through his mask. Why not?)

Minions Offer Thanos a Bomb Pop

Happy 4th from the Minions and Despicable Thanos:

We saw the new Despicable Me movie yesterday.
And my younger son says he can't wait for "Avengers: Infinity War"

Of course, this image is a retread...or part of a series...
From 2015

From 2013

Monday, July 3, 2017

Spellcasting in Skyrim

My older son has been doing a lot of this lately.
The hands are much farther apart on the screen, of course.

Drawing two napkins per day is proving to be a challenge, so I've had to chose some more simple images than usual.

Can you tell?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bear with Incorrect Wings

Our younger son is working on a "gargoyle sculpture" at summer camp this week. His plan was to make a bear with wings. After I drew this napkin, he informed me that it is a bear with "devil wings!" 

Of course it is. 
What was I thinking?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

If John Constantine Were a Pug

Our younger son is still interested in the Marvel's Constantine character. He appreciates John's seedy, morally questionable nature...and his trench coat. 

We've read a couple comic series and watched the Keanu Reeves movie, but for some reason haven't dipped into the recent TV show yet.

I couldn't decide whether I should draw him in his comic, Keanu or Matt Ryan form.

The obvious solution was to draw him as a pug.

And on a side note, summer camp has started and both kids are taking a packed lunch. This means that theoretically I am on the hook for two napkins a night. We have some napkins left over from the proceeding school year, but they are proving to be strangely unsatisfying to the napkin recipients. So far I have kept up with the demand, despite the fact that I can no longer stay up late to do anything, much less draw on napkins.

But I have fallen far behind on the posting of the napkins.

And, as my sons can tell you, the quality of the output is really suffering.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Straight Man with distorted offspring)

We attended two graduations last week, one marking the transition from lower to middle school and one from eighth grade to high school. There were opportunities to wear white dress shirts and pose awkwardly with a parent for a photo to mark the occasion. 

Due to competing schedules, there was no opportunity to photograph all three males together in their white shirts, so I had to imagine one for the purpose of napkin commemoration.

I was pretty careful while drawing my spouse, but let the kids' faces slide a bit out of control into strange distorted territory. Perhaps this was somehow appropriate...

I think we can say that we have now crossed the Rubicon to full blown adolescence...(and to full blown sympathetic adolescence in the case of the younger child.) Our kids were never compliant, amenable, or slightly impressed by adult authority even when they were tiny...But now what?

Sometimes I can put a positive spin on this situation: Look what remarkably independent and tenacious people they are! Other times, I am exhausted by struggling over every transaction, and am reduced to shouting, "Because I said so!" This approach was not particularly effective when they were wearing diapers and is of course no better parenting now.

I've never felt like I was very good at the whole parenting endeavor. I was introduced to abject failure early and often: We were unable to master basic feeding, sleeping, and elimination right out of the gate. Other new parents commiserated about a baby crying for 40 minutes, but we could bring the conversation to a stunned halt with our personal best of 10 1/2 hours...for many days in a row.

But we have all survived, and as previously mentioned, our kids are not only still alive, but are very sturdy and determined people. This will no doubt pay off in the end, right?

So, to my partner in parenting: Happy Father's Day! 

Because I said so! 
Love you!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Bloody Screecher from the Ether Comic

Our younger son really enjoyed Matt Kindt and David Rubín’s Ether comic. 

He particularly liked the Bloody Screecher, a toothy tiny bird capable of making mind bogglingly horrible sounds. 

In the Ether, the Screecher sits on the finger of a bird like person named Tipo, but when I started to draw it on the napkin, a strange political subtext started to develop.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Titan Lunch

Balanced Lunch for Titans:
A well fed American child with a side of broccoli.

Our younger son would very much like to go to the Universal Studios park in Osaka and feed himself to a Titan.

Sadly, there is no "Attack on Titan" area in the Universal Park here in the US.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kong and Logan Paul

‪Dog eat Dawg? ‬
‪Continuing our YouTuber/internet famous dog series. My son watches vlogger Logan Paul and his new puppy Kong (named for his size of course)‬

Kong (@kongdasavage) only has 712,000 followers on Instagram. He has a bit of work ahead of him to catch up to fellow Pomeranian JiffPom (@jiffpom) who has 5.1 million.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

John Constantine and Doctor Fate

John Constantine Warms up his Lunch:
(Presumably there's a cold pack in his Doctor Fate Helmet lunchbox)

We watched the DC animated movie "Justice League Dark" and now our younger son is very interested in the John Constantine character.  He has not seen the recent TV show, nor the previous Keanu Reeves movie, but I fear it will be hard to avoid both.

Doctor Fate is also cool at our house lately, probably courtesy of the impending release of Injustice 2. 

When I Google "Constantine and Doctor Fate" I get results that suggest some sort of appearance of Doctor Fate's helmet on the Constantine show.  I did not pursue the specifics.

Googling does not reveal the existence of a lunchbox in the shape of Doctor Fate's Helmet, however.

Surely this must be a temporary oversight. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Grandma

As usual, my rather pathetic offering for a significant day is a napkin for my mother.

My kids gave me the gift of letting me sleep in today...
They slept in later than I did, so it was not a high effort gift.
But once awake and reminded that today was Mother's Day, they were quick to assert that it still counts as a gift that no one woke me up early.

I did not wake my mother up early this morning either.
No doubt she was grateful.

Big Brother

The older brother was unable to join us for this iteration as he was engaged in super important online activities at the time.

But I find I almost prefer this picture of the napkin with the younger sibling with his second, superego-like head.

Big brother is always there in spirit if not in the flesh.

Bears at Home on the Couch

Sometimes the bear is your bro:

My younger son really enjoyed Shannon Hale's "Real Friends," illustrated by LeUyen Pham.

"Real Friends" is the semi autobiographical story of a middle schooler's fraught relationships with her friends at school and her volatile older sister who is sometimes portrayed as a giant bear. 

Which brings us to the question of which sibling is the Grizzly at our house?

My vote is: 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Baby Groot and Rocket from GotG Vol 2

‪Too adorable to kill:‬ ‪

But trash pandas might not like broccoli. 
Groot offers some greens to Rocket Raccoon for lunch. ‬ ‪

Yes, of course my kids liked the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie‬.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kirby Fox at the Skate Park

Old Dog with Tricks:

Tanner Fox is known as a social media personality and "professional stunt scooter rider" 

His 13 year old golden retriever, Kirby is not necessarily known for his scooter prowess (although he does have 410,000 followers on Instagram)
...but we can imagine what goes on behind the scenes.

This is another napkin in our series of internet famous dogs for my dog deprived son.

Who should be next?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Theo the Puppy

Dog with a Vlog:

Lance Stewart's new puppy Theo already has 285,000 followers on Instagram. 
Perhaps Theo should have his own YouTube channel to let his viewers know HOW HE'LL PRANK THOSE HUMANS.

(We're working on a series of internet famous dogs on napkins for my seriously dog-deprived son.)

In hindsight, I think I was trying to tune out the fact that our sons were watching a good deal of "vlogs" by social media personalities like Lance Stewart. 

You don't know who Lance Stewart is? 
(I am looking at you, Grandma. Mostly because you are the only person who I can safely assume will be reading this)

Mr. Stewart is a social media personality who has accrued almost 3 million followers on YouTube with engaging content like "LIQUID ASS PRANK GONE TERRIBLY WRONG" and "MY GIRLFRIEND SHOWS HER NIPPLES ON CAMERA?!" He is by all accounts a millionaire at age 20. 

The two vlog titles I have selected perhaps convey the wrong impression. Lance and his crew may be prurient, juvenile, and regressive on gender politics, but they are not terribly offensive. They shop at the mall, hang out at the gym, eat in restaurants and prank one another and their annoyed, but mostly compliant family members. And most importantly, they have a puppy.

From my curmudgeonly, geriatric perspective- as a person who grew up in the days when television and movies were scripted and performed by highly compensated professionals- this stuff is deeply, profoundly, and mind bogglingly, boring.

But Lance certainly does not care what I think. Nor do his millions of followers who can count both of my sons among their enthusiastic ranks.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dark Souls-like Character

When bedtime is announced to our two sons, the real festivities commence. There are usually costumes and epic battles involved. This guy was based on one such bedtime get-up. 

The actual, real world outfit involved a knee baring fleece bathrobe, a teal silk scarf, and plastic Dark Vader gloves, 

But no matter. Our sons intention was to invoke the mysterious and powerful sort of personage that I tried to capture here. 

...the sort of personage who might appear in Dark Souls III.

Or who could easily vanquish a ten year old brother in glorious, heroic battle somewhere in the time between tooth brushing and changing into pajamas.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Guppy Puppy and Lion Cub

Unattainable Pets:

Two pets that my pet-deprived son would really like to have live at our house:

Guppy the pug of YouTube and instagram fame and/or a lion.
Equally impossible wishes for me to fulfill, but at least I drew them on a napkin.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Donnie Darko Inspired Creepy Bunny Mask

It's Easter, why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

I have very fond memories of "Donnie Darko," and have considered whether it might be a movie that my sons would enjoy watching. I revisited it on my iPhone a few months back and came to the conclusion that it would definitely appeal to them, but that, for a variety of reasons, they were still too young for it.

But they are not too young for creepy bunny images on Easter. 
In fact, recently my younger son wanted me to buy him a scary bunny mask. 
Once again, he gets the poor substitute of a napkin. 

Happy Easter From the Giant Stuffed Bunny

Size matters:

Our son saw a 93" stuffed bear, apparently available for sale at Costco on someone's YouTube vlog, and expressed the opinion that we definitely needed to buy one. He offered to store it in his room. I estimate that it would occupy about 33% of the space in there.

I am pretty sure that we are already overwhelmed by objects that are not exactly, as the famous Japanese declutterer Marie Kondo would say, "sparking joy." I have often joked, unhumorously while picking up the 15th Nerf weapon that I have tripped over during a day, that we are ready to appear on an episode of "Hoarders."

So, no giant styrofoam filled bear from Costco for my poor deprived son, despite the fact that it would definitely spark joy.

I drew him with a 93" Costco style stuffed bunny instead. (I don't think they have these for sale there, although my son tells me that there are other varieties of bear)

He was not impressed with the napkin alternative.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gipsy Danger, Godzilla, Kong & Megazord

What do giant characters do when they hang out?

My sons are anticipating more movies and more team-ups between #megafauna #megazord and #megamech

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Godzilla in the Kitchen

Sometimes I Scare Myself

We have a rubber Godzilla mask left over from last Halloween. It sees a bit of use now and then.
Our younger son was creeping around in the kitchen while wearing it, and there was something...well...quite creepy about the performance. I would not care to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night and spot that sort of thing peeking around the cabinets. He creeped himself out also, so to speak.

My son tells me that the reason that the Daily Napkins Instagram account loses dozens of followers a day is that, in addition to the napkins themselves, I don't post pictures of us just doing stuff. (I have other theories, but I will pass on them for now)

He makes this assessment based on his careful study of various YouTubers and their Instagram accounts. I don't follow these folks on either platform myself, but based on what I overhear during the videos, I gather there are a lot of "here we are at Walmart goofing off with the massage chairs" sort of images.

These Youtubers are celebrities (of a sort), and apparently people want to see pictures of their lunches or of them at Duane Reade, filling a prescription for Grandma. I am pretty certain this not the case for us. But my son hypothesizes that it might be otherwise.

So here is one of us is goofing off in the kitchen....on a napkin, wearing a mask.

I don't think it will solve our Instagram attrition problem. Not that maintaining our Instagram following should be a priority. Our previous popularity on Instagram was mostly accidental, and no doubt, undeserved.

But fun, nonetheless.

And below is an image of my son inserting himself while I was trying to photograph the napkin with my phone, providing another Instagram worthy image. Sort of. I prefer not to post too many pictures of my kids' faces here on the blog, so he is obligingly covering himself up.

Ready for Instagram?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Foolish Fitness / Extreme Sports Pug

In honor of my canine deprived younger son and of the beginning of "Canine Fitness Month"-
Yes, I recently signed onto the email announcement list for the National Day Calendar Website. Apparently, they cover designated National Months as well. 

Thus I have been made aware of important dates like "National Something on a Stick Day" and "National Decorating Month."

And it is April Fool's day. We did not need to receive an email to know that.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Slave Knight Gael from Dark Souls

It's been spring break for our son, so we saw a good deal of this guy at our house.

This napkin was a rather haphazard has been spring break, and I have been busy feeding and cleaning up after the spring breakers. They were engaged in important defeating Slave Knight Gael. 

I have to admit I am looking forward to the resumption of school.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Proposed Sidekicks for Doctor Who in Season 10

Just some suggestions...

Yes, I know that they have already announced who the co stars will be for Peter Capaldi's last season. We even saw the Christmas special.

This napkin post is rather delayed, I am afraid. We had the conversation about who should replace the dear departed Clara quite a while ago. The kids both thought that a new sidekick should be someone other than another young attractive Caucasian woman, but could not agree on what sort of person should be next. I have assembled a cast of their favorites as potential companions.

Doctor Who is not really on our sons' minds right now, but as the tenth season is coming up soon, I thought perhaps it was time to post this one.

My younger son was happy to point out some of the many drawing failings on this one. Deadpool is too small,  the pug in the foreground is awkwardly posed. And, he would like to add that pugs aren't necessarily his favorite dogs right this now.

This napkin is definitely more about quantity rather than quality. Back when I was drawing two napkins a night, I used to have a rule about no more than two characters at a time. It made a lot of sense.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Skull Island Style MegaPuppy for National Puppy Day

Were you aware that today is National Puppy Day?

And if one consults the National Day Registry website, one can discover the life-improving information that March 23rd is also National Chip and Dip Day, and National Near Miss Day (something to do with an asteroid that passed within 500,000 miles of the earth in a previous year)

And my personal favorite: it is National Melba Toast Day.

I seriously considered drawing a puppy sitting on an asteroid, dipping a piece of Melba Toast into a bowl of dip. But instead, I took the easy way out and copied a Skull Island movie poster, replacing King Kong with a rather creepy young Chihuahua.

Because a puppy, or at least the lack of a puppy for our younger son, is a monstrously large topic at our house.

For the record, our son is very much against Chihuahuas, and no doubt particularly against ugly Chihuahuas like the one I have incompetently drawn here. Perhaps I felt the perverse need to enlarge a very small dog.

....and if by some bizarre twist of fate, we are ever able to acquire a dog, I am afraid it would have to be "a punter" as I can't imagine that we could handle a large, furry one. Thus I always feel the need to lobby for small dog acceptance.

P.S. That says "PUPPY" up there instead of "KONG" if that needs to be pointed out.

Monday, March 20, 2017

King Kong 2017 and Godzilla 2014

Mega-Fauna Meet-up:

Would King Kong and Godzilla be able to see eye to eye?
After watching "Skull Island," we want to know.

There's clearly been a good bit of inflation since the first Kong movie in 1933 and the first Godzilla outing in 1954. According to Wikipedia, Kong started out somewhere in the 18-24 foot range, although director Merian C. Cooper originally envisioned him at 40-50 feet. His latest incarnation in "Skull Island" which, yes of course, we had to see, seems to be somewhere in the neighborhood of  80-100 feet.

The first Godzilla was around 160 feet tall, so he could just peer over the 1950's Tokyo skyline. The 2014 version was closer to 350 feet so as to compete with contemporary skyscrapers.

There is Internet chatter about the two meeting up in a movie sometime in the future....if their size disparity could be reconciled.

As you can see, I did not worry overmuch about the relative size question. I was too busy trying to handle the "which of the many versions of each am I drawing?

A previous Kong/Godzilla encounter
where they seem to be equally, if awkwardly, matched:

The Nerdist has a good overview of the relative Godzilla at this link

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Pug

‪You have to ask yourself:‬
‪Do I feel lucky? ‬
‪Well, do you, Pug?‬

My kids tell me the dog should have been holding a gun as well as a pot of gold.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Star Wars Poker Game

‪"The fear of loss (in poker) leads to the dark side." 
...or don't try to cheat Yoda...unless, perhaps, you are a poker playing dog.

I thought about updating the "Dogs Playing Poker" background to something more spaceship appropriate...or maybe Tatooine-appropriate... But decided to go with the classic red and green pseudo club-decor.

The "Dogs Playing Poker" painting was actually a whole series of paintings produced by one artist over a period of years around 1894-1907 for an advertising campaign for a cigar company. Or so says Wikipedia. This image is a bit of a combination of three of them. 

My younger son was the one who suggested the poker game. He now tells me that the drawing did not live up to his expectations. He thought that R2D2 and "Chopper" the contrary droid from "Star Wars Rebels," should have been the ones passing cards in the foreground, as they both have extendible arms. 

Oh well. Another missed opportunity.

a couple of the paintings: